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Pineglades Social and Sports Calendar

Date Time Social Event Sports Event
Sat 2nd July   French Night
Bastille Day 14th Juillet 1789 - 'Allo Allo' 'Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.'
Francais dress, Francais music, bring along something for a French souper (supper)
Sat 13th August   What Makes You Happy
Come dressed accordingly, bring a plate for supper
Sat 24th September   Either a mock court or if enough interest maybe the court theatre  
Labour Weekend   Open day and Opening Weekend  
Sat 29th October   Oktoberfest finishes in October - Bavarian theme, Bavarian dress, Bavarian music
Bring along something for a German abendessen (supper)
Sat 26th November   Show Week Christchurch - Nude Dinner
Get glammed up to go out but when you dine, it's club uniform.
Sat 31st December   New Year's Eve
Theme: Make the most of what you've been given. Prizes for most imaginative costume. Live band.
Last Thurs of Month  
Combined BBQ at 6pm  
Combined Lunch at 12:30pm